KUOLEMAN GALLERIA (Gallery of Death) sings about the dark side of life. They deal with hidden corruption, monstrosities and fears of the human condition in a way seen in horror movies. In their world there is no faith and the only hope rises from trying to get a spark from a wet match with frozen fingers.

Ambiance of the music is heightened by severely dark music videos, caricature costumes and cover art done by well recognised artists. First two albums, Kärsimys Kunniaan (Suffering Glorified) and Pimeys Saapuu Pohjoiseen (The Darkness Arrives in the North), bounded the players and the creative process tightly together, found the most grim listeners and put together a professional production team.

KUOLEMAN GALLERIA started as a one man project in 2012. When other musicians found their way into the band in 2014, they started putting together the first album. The debut album, Kärsimys Kunniaan was released in February 2016 and it was received as a promising start by rock and metal publications such as Kaaoszine and Soundscape.

After the release of the album the band raged with fury about a dozen gigs in Finland and as the horrible nature of the human kind is also appreciated elsewhere, the band made an 8 gig tour in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria in April of 2017. The madness was contagious and the tour was a success in both crowd and feedback wise.

Soon after the band started recording the second album with the producer who saw their gig in Finland and fell for their passion. Album became Pimeys Saapuu Pohjoiseen and it tells the story of the dark and cold North and the drawbacks of the people living there. Melodies surfaced more on this album, but the fierce presence was still there.

At about the time of the release of the album in 2018 KUOLEMAN GALLERIA toured hard in Estonia, Latvia, Russia and Finland. The year 2019 started with a mini tour in Norway where they impressed the locals with their style and during the year Finland and Estonia heard the dark tunes over and over again.

The third album pre-production started 2019. New album is called Armon Loppu (The End of the Mercy). It was recorded in the summer of 2020 and perfected during the gloomy months of the long winter including music videos. The album will be released 18.2.2022 by Inverse Records.